First time for everything

Write down this date.

For the first time in many months (some would say years), I have absolutely nothing to say. So get the ball rolling this morning, fiends. Need me some fairy dust to get the neurons firing.

Where are my peeple? Escribe!

Fink out (of palabras)

7:59 a.m. I did find this article on GNews:

Kate Gosselin to Bleat Until the World Suffers Collective Aneurysm.

I just like the title.

6 thoughts on “First time for everything

  1. BoomR

    How many people know (besides you & me, luv) that there actually is a VERSE that needs to be sung before you get to, “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”….???

    Speaking of which, I’m off to the City By The Bay…. Laterz!!! **SMOOCH**

  2. Artilius Merchclod

    I think my cat sneezed on me this morning. I know for a fact that it sneezed…but I’m not sure if it was actually on me or nearby me. This has been my number #1 problem for the day and as long as it goes unsolved I won’t be able to live my life in a normal and unproductive manner.

    Why me?

  3. Kodye

    With the MLB playoffs coming up, right now all I can think about it is Manny Ramirez ever got pregnant. I mean why else would he of taken woman’s fertility drugs?

  4. Suzanne

    I don’t know what to think about David Letterman except that I wasn’t surprised. You’d never hear of Jay doing something like that.

  5. Rat Fink Post author

    HA! These were all great! Thanks for filling up my little space today.

    All we need now is a post about Brett Favre pitching to a pregnant Manny Ramirez on the David Letterman show broadcast from San Francisco (“The loveliness of Paris is somehow sadly gay…”) — and a cat walks on the set and zizzes all over them.


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