Free association II

This is a “New Jersey Housewife” with a really fake face. Poor gal; all drawn-up and stretched, stuffed and pulled and Botoxed and hair-extensioned (I have yet to see a single woman on whom extensions don’t look stringy).

Honestly, do people really go into a plastic surgeon’s office and say, “I want to look like one of those Rick Baker demonic creatures in the movie The Devil’s Advocate“? Bizarre.

Keanu Reeves is a pretty bad actor who gets some great roles. I need to know how that works.

The Devil’s Advocate has one of the best Al Pacino speeches ever: penultimate scene, where he’s in his office with Keanu. Crazy. You should rent it, if for no other reason than to see that scene (and the creature cousins of the NJ Housewife on the left).

I need a new desktop computer. This one’s going toes-up after eight years.

I had a good rehearsal last night with four guys.

Mavis and I need to get together and make candy.

Is it December yet?

Gotta get going — late, as usual.

Three Four weeks till this show opens — a little less than that until BFF Kay comes home.


7 thoughts on “Free association II

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Good suggestion. I am definitely looking into something come money time.

        I have an AMD Athlon 3000 running at 2500. 1 gig RAM (I know, giggle), 40 gig hard drive. It’s been fine for me (I do not game), but I’m running on like 17% open disk space. Things are starting to stick, bigtime.


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