That was an awesome day.

The best part? Not thinking about school and rehearsals a single, solitary time. *fist pull* Well, actually the very best part was taking the Thriller for a congrats-on-getting-the-job casino outing, and walking out with more money than we took inside. ;-) Always a banner day when that happens.

Anyway, by the time we hit Costco, Chipotle and a couple of other places on the way home, put groceries away, went back out on errands and returned, it was almost dinnertime, which was leftover Chipotle. *fist pull* No cooking; all lazy, all evening, all long.

I even got to sit down and watch an entire film. How about that? (I’ll assign it some cheez and tell you about it tomorrow.) After that, I haunted Facebook, read some news, then went upstairs and read myself into oblivion — during which time I had a very strange nightmare. Bizarro.

Now it’s time to finish the café mocha, hit the shower, and go pick up Mavis to take her on her own shopping outing. Then it’s the outlet mall — Finky needs some pretty dresses to wear.

Strange, this “relaxing on the weekend” thing. Ah well, tomorrow will come soon enough, and it’ll be back to the old grind.

Well, look at this post. All me, me, me. I hope you are enjoying this long weekend as well!

2 thoughts on “Bullseye

  1. Mavis

    Thanks so much for the shopping trip, Birdie!!

    We’re so happy for the Thriller! I’m also happy that you get to relax for a few days. The future looks pretty bright for you and me, kiddo. Hang in there with me! :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You’re welcome, Mave — glad to do it, and I especially liked the 30-minute convo in the car! The future is bright indeed, sissy — get out those sunglasses! <3


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