California II

What a fun stop for us, after a long, long, long day of driving through the redwood trees. (Are we bad people if we said that we were ready to leave the forests?)

Last night, we stayed at the Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast in Nice, California. We were delighted from the minute we drove in the driveway and saw about eight cabooses — real ones — on the property by the lake. Each of the train cars have names that go with their particular themes of decor; ours was the “Wild, Wild West.” Hilarious! It was fantastic.

Purchased when the caboose cars were retired from service by the railroads, the owners refurbished each one into a unique little world. Our car, with the Old West theme, had antique furniture, a bar with a mirror, a brass headboard on the bed, old fashioned wallpaper, a toilet with a chain flush handle, and a cool little upper compartment that you could actually sit in.

You can click through the photos (clicking on a shadowboxed picture loads the next one) and see for yourself. Awesome place!

Exterior ~ View from Bathroom ~ The Bar ~ The Crow’s Nest ~ View from Door ~ Clawfoot Tub ~ Sink ~ Chain-flush Commode

There was a porcelain water pitcher inside a bowl on the antique dresser, and the bathroom even had a spittoon! So kitschy and fun. We enjoyed hanging out in it all evening. Truthfully, it was so hot (93 degrees at 7 p.m.), and the midges were so bad, we didn’t feel much like walking along the lakeshore, so we didn’t. We went out for salads, came back and stayed in, stayed cool, and enjoyed the personality of the place.

Today it’s off to Reno, and you know what that means — casino fun at Harrah’s. We will let fly with our little egg of gambling money, and hopefully it’ll last. On the road we go, and it’s important to note that this morning marks the beginning of the drive eastward; homeward. Yay!

9 thoughts on “California II

  1. RD

    What a wonderful and unique place to stay! How’d you find it? Both Bonnie and I would love it! I’m so glad that you’re have a terrific trip. Eager to hear all the details of your odyseey. We’re now home, and catching up on all the details that demand attention upon our return. Lots of rain here. I have some research for some writing that I need to start — like yesterday! Safe travels as you head east (and good luck in Reno).

    1. Fink on the Road

      You guys would totally dig it! I found it on TripAdvisor when I was searching for highly rated lodging in northern California. And since I wrote this post before breakfast, I didn’t get a chance to say that the breakfast there was not only free, they served it to us at our table. Homemade, using local ingredients from sustainable farms. Awesome! You and Bonnie have to make it out there.

  2. Mavis

    How cute and fun!!! My kind of sleeping arrangements. But…uh…what’s up with the bug picture? Ewww. :p~~~~

    Enjoy Reno! Just stay out of the heat! Can’t wait for you guys to get home!!!

    1. Fink on the Road

      Eww is right! Those were midges, Mave. (second to last paragraph) They were thick as a blanket in some places, Ick!

      We are taking it easy right now. Driving through Yuba City at the moment. Two and a half more hours and we’re there! XO

  3. Will

    I love the little rubber ducky in the conductor hat. It adds that nice little touch to a great hotel.

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    So glad you all liked the photos! Boy, we overslept this morning. I think we were both just beat. Thanks for the comment love! XO


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