Can I just share?

Can I just share? I love sharing things with you; you know that, fiends. This post is part RNF, part Various & Sundry, part rant, part head-scratcher, part Boot to the Head, part Everything Else. It’s just a buncha parts. I think it’s how I choose to deal with my crushing stress level this morning. As RD used to tell me: when people are difficult or when you’re pressed to listen to craziness, just lean and smile.

All right, I’m leaning and smiling. It’ll all work out. I will listen, nod my head, then do exactly as I please.

Have you ever figured out why people are difficult? Is it that they’re so convinced they’re right, they simply cannot understand why others can’t see it? I want to be known as someone who listens; someone who defers. I hope my sons recall that lesson (it was hammered into their heads often enough growing up). It never hurts to defer. And it’s fine to know you’re right — without telling the world.

Now that’s not to say that one cannot offer a divergent opinion, or argue for one’s beliefs. Pretty sure that’s what the country was founded upon. It’s the folks who just won’t quit who make me ever so slightly itchy. Did you ever want to say, ALL RIGHT ALREADY! YOU’RE RIGHT! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

*straightening skirt*

I’m sure no one has ever uttered that statement to a spouse or significant other. :-) Anyway.

I hate pretzels. Dry little pieces of table-top. They’re like bagels; totally devoid of flavor. Evil things.

The rough draft of my thesis is due on the 3rd. Birdie opens on the 5th. Is that not a laugh riot? IthinkI’mturningJapaneseIthinkI’mturningJapanese

Have a great day — what day is it anyhow?


3 thoughts on “Can I just share?

  1. Stein

    The first part of this entry sounds like a similar conversation uttered recently. Pretzels are amazing. You want dry little pieces of table-top? Eat some plain cheerios. Those have less flavor than they box in which they are packaged. The jewish ancestry in me also wants to argue for the rights of bagels!

  2. Hiltbrunner

    I have agree on the plain cheerios…honey nut or frosted cheerios are good to eat just by themselves.

    Pretzels…hmm…not bad, bagels aren’t bad either. *Thinks of Panera Bread bagels*.

  3. Krissy

    I agree with the smiling and nodding at people who just won’t quit. Michael and my Dad are that way. I get to deal with that annoying trait on a regular basis. I can even show them evidence that I’m right and they find a way to argue that I’m wrong. It’s insane.


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