Dialing down the suck-o-meter

And there was…life.

We rounded a bend in rehearsals last night. Not saying we went totally around the corner, but we’re navigating the curve. OK, enough euphemisms for “we might finally be getting it right.” Dial down the suck to “moderate.”

Our singers/actors are an interesting bunch. Last night, Stein came to rehearsal (I bribed him with dinner) and used my Flip Video recorder to capture the production numbers for me to view later (and to show the kids themselves), since I’m playing piano all the time and it’s hard for me to watch choreography & staging. It apparently ended up being one big experiment in the Hawthorne effect.

Hey, whatever works. There were actually some places where Stoney and I smiled a couple of times. Progress.

I must say that I marvel at how these kids handle the stress. Many of them are athletes, so they go to school all day, go right to football/volleyball practice, take a quick shower, run to the theater, wolf down a packed lunch their mom dropped off, and rehearse till 8:30, all the while cramming in bits of homework when they’re not onstage. I gotta hand it to them: it’s impressive. I thought I had a busy life when I was a teenager involved in shows; and I was only involved in shows. Even the kids not involved in sports are busy, in that, unlike Stoney and myself, they have lives.

I’ma get me one of those one day. Like, after the first of December. Yeah. I like that idea.

I can see Finkday in the distance. And all the people said…

12 thoughts on “Dialing down the suck-o-meter

  1. PKPudlin


    My Schola group has a new tenor who has been stressing over our upcoming concert for weeks. It’s his first, but our third as a group. Sunday was our last rehearsal before dress, and, as usual, it’s finally beginning to gel. It was nice to see the look of relief on his face as he saw that it was happening just as we had told him it would. Poor guy.
    Break legs, you guys. Wish us the same for our outing on the 25th!


        1. Mathew

          Haha actually I changed my major to Biology so it’s more like a overworked Biology geek from one of the toughest schools in Ohio looking wistfully back on his SCHS homework load.



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