Can’t believe…

… July is over and fall is coming. Can I get an amen from all my (present and former) students on that? Heck, I’m sure the summer flies for everyone, student or otherwise.

When August hits, I customarily rehash all the things I didn’t accomplish over the summer. This year, however, I have made a mental list of all the things I did get done, like spending more time with family and less at school, flower gardening and planning next year’s vegetable garden, losing 10 lbs., and getting all my choir music ordered before August. And I spent more — but still not enough — time with my angel Jake.

So what do I have left? Oh, there’s the Thriller’s birthday feast tonight, which will be fun. Then I need to shop for a dress for Heidi and (son) Lance’s wedding, coming up on 13 September. And then there’s the score study for Annie Get Your Gun, which starts rehearsal the week after we get back to school. Oh yeah, and don’t forget my lovely BU class, which I adore. Truly. Scoring a Bach keyboard piece for woodwind octet … why I’d rather do that than, well, take a bullet. Maybe.


They Call Me Sarcasmo

3 thoughts on “Can’t believe…

  1. meg

    this summer has definitely flown by indeeeeed….uggghhh!!
    i’m nearly dreading the year ahead. i hate high school so much. i can’t hardly stand it. the immaturity, the drama, the heartache, ect. its ridiculous
    i am not wishing these years away, but I know what i want to do with my life and i just want to graduate and get started on it! is that stupid??? heck, idc
    enjoy ur last few weeks of HOTT and HUMID freedom!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Hey, I hear ya Meg. Been there, hated that. To you, the next 2 years may drag on. But to me (and I’m sure, to your folks), they fly by all too quickly. You’ll be up and gone before I know what hit me.

    It’s definitely not stupid to know what you want and be ready to go after it. Actually, it’s rare in someone your age. Cripes, I’m all old and crusty and I still don’t know what I really want to do…

    Hang in there, and we will survive the obligatory drama!


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