Change is hard.

I’ve just spent almost my entire quiet time this morning on Facebook, looking at (and trying to figure out) all the changes.

Change is hard, especially when you’re 39 years old. Can I get an Amen? :-)┬áJust going through a list in my mind, here. Wow, a whole lot of changes for me in the last year or so. Incredible. Changes in my personal and professional life, changes in my family’s lives…

Changes are supposed to teach us something. My theory is that change is life’s growing pains. Remember when you were a kid and you’d be lying in bed, and your legs would ache for no apparent reason? That always happened to me (although not much after the 5th grade, heh). My mom would bring in some baby aspirins and tell me that she thought I was just having growing pains. The biggest issue is what’s on the other side of a growing pain. Most times, it’s wisdom, increased productivity, perspective.

Other times, it’s crap. HA

What are your changes doing to you? What have you learned from them? I covet your thoughts.

Since I’ve janked around on Facebook so long, I’m late for the shower. But it’s the day before the day before Friday, so yay!

7 thoughts on “Change is hard.

  1. Mavis

    I’m giving you that AMEN! :0) I certainly understand what you’re saying about changes. Since coming back from the “brink” myself, I’m learning more and more about what is really important in life. I’m going to keep working hard to keep those changes going, too! So glad to have you right there with me, Bird! I love you!!

  2. Suzanne

    I decided that I was going to cut out the bull-do in my life, most of it having to do with dead-weight people. Some of it’s done and dusted, some of it ongoing. I feel much better and stress-levels have gone down.

    Except today with Facebook haaaa. Stoopid computers NEways.

    I thought it was Tuesday today. But no it’s Wednesday! But my Wednesday is like your Tuesday since I work Tues-Sat so when you are happy that it’s Friday I’m not because my Friday is your Saturday. And your Monday is my day off but then my Monday is your Tuesday. Got it? ;)

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Hey gals — I’m behind the 8-ball in responding (Suz, I know it’s my turn for email!). Overslept this morning, if you can believe that.

    And now it’s the day before Friday — yaaaaay!


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