Ratticus Nutticus

Last night, I had a meltdown of sorts.

After two brief after-school rehearsals, I came home to look in on the Thriller, who is sick as the proverbial dog. After confirming that he was indeed still alive, I grabbed a quick dinner of yogurt and 3 cookies, changed clothes, came back downstairs, and sat down to my LIST (*hoo-ah*):

  • Wrap Jake’s birthday gift
  • Finish choreography for Hernando’s Hideaway
  • Go to Tractor Supply and look for flashlights
  • Go to grocery and pick up stuff for test-drive of Bob’s birthday cake
  • Call Daddy
I’ll give you one guess as to how many tasks were completed. Oy.
What did I do instead? I had a nice long conversation with one of my choir parents (a very cool lady). Then I read — and tried unsuccessfully to make sense out of — the Integration Guide for PayPal Express Checkout (for JECO, my present web project), and conquered the last available levels of Angry Birds (people, I own that game; I’m unstoppable). Now were those things on my list? Carp. To quote Lennon /McCartney: I’m a loooooozer.
I think I reached a point last night where, after two solid weeks of thinking about and doing almost nothing else except Dinner Theatre and JECO, and surviving on 2-5 hours of sleep a night, I fell off the merry-go-round. Maybe it’s time to divert my energy for a day or so, instead of running around like a crazed nut-butt. I think I’m krakking up.
Hey, I know — how about going to the county fair with the Js this evening, then relaxing for a bit at Jake’s birthday party tomorrow? That sounds like the ticket.
Anything fun on your schedule for the weekend?

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