Happy birthday, Jake!

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

The very first post¬†at RtB, back in February of 2008, was about a sleepy little 6-month-old (6? 7 months? I don’t even know) who’d just awakened from his nap. Look at that round little face! Such a sweet baby. Well, that baby is four years old today. What a great kid. I’d tell you how incredibly perceptive, funny and intelligent he is, but you’d just say that was Grammie being biased. Well, I am, but — he is. :P And much of that is due to his parents providing him with lots of conversation, opportunities for discovery, books, loving discipline, and tons of hugs and kisses. That’s a good recipe, if you ask me.

So, whether he’s piloting a whirlybird,

or riding the open range,

or simply having a heart-to-heart with a sheep,

…he’s still just an all-around fantastic boy, and I’m proud to be his Grammie.

Oh, and I had to include this photo just because it’s ten kinds of cute. Justin and Dad getting the goat’s goat:

So I’m off to wrap presents, hit the grocery, and pick up Mavis for the party. (Poor Thriller is flat on his back with the flu and will miss the fete.) :-(

Happy Saturnday! Glad to hear from NASA that you avoided being flattened by a solid rocket booster.

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Jake!

  1. Mavis

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!! Wow, it’s hard to believe that he’s a pre-schooler now! Such a big boy. Bird, you are so blessed to be their Grammie, but you already know that! :-) They have two sets of wonderful Grandparents, and the best parents on the planet! The boys are very blessed. I’m so excited to see them both at the party today! Aunt Mavis is blessed to know them, as well.

    See you soon, Bird! Love you!

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Thanks, Mavis! Our whole family is blessed indeed! And I think the Thriller just needs to let that Zithromax stuff kick in, and stay in bed (which he won’t do).

        Love you — I gotta git to the shower or I’ll be late picking you up!

  2. BoomR

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAKE!!! Hope you guys have a GREAT day of celebration, fun, and lots or chocolate!! :-)

    BV and I are off to Houston to play a birthday party gig at a large private home. Poolside & outdoors :-) Very thankful that the weather down here is returning to normal!

    ((HUGS)) to everyone at the party (“air” hugs to Thriller – don’t want to catch his flu bug) :D


  3. Suzanne

    Happy Birthday wishes to Jake and the wonderful parents and grandparents that help make him a Great Kid!!

    Am done with work for the weekend and I actually have 2 days off! HA. What shall I do with my free time……making plans heheheeh.


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