Chilly start for Cuil

With $33 million in investment capital behind its launch, I never expected the new search engine sensation, Cuil (pronounced “cool”) to show me this on my first use:

Nice. You’d think that a team of PhDs, led by former Google Golden Genius Anna Patterson, would remember to ask, “Hey, shouldn’t we probably buy enough servers to survive a humongous traffic spike, seein’ as how we’ve advertised ourselves as more powerful than Google?” Maybe not. And who am I to judge? Maybe it was bad karma having a roll-out on a Monday.

When I finally did get it to work, the results were interesting — somewhat refreshing and different:

The best part about it – no ads.


3 thoughts on “Chilly start for Cuil

  1. TRO

    It worked for me and I like it, except that I can’t figure out how to make it just bring up “images” like you can do with Google. I do that to find images for my blog posts. Am I missing something or does it not do that?


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