Cincinnati, Day 2

Gotta hurry here, fiends, before they shut me down.

One more meeting and I’m out. Just had to tell you, though. The best thing about this convention is not the good music or the nice people I met or the tres exciting subject matter we discussed. The best part about the convention is Hyatt’s Web Checkout.

Oh, yeah.

I guess it’s been a long enough time since I’ve stayed at a classy enough downtown convention hotel that I did not know this fantastic option existed. Know what I hate more than standing in line at the front desk on a Saturday at noon, with all my garbage next to me, moving at a snail’s pace to check out at the same time 2,000 other people had the same idea? Um…not much I can think of.

So when I awoke to an email this morning informing me that I didn’t need to bother with standing in line, I was delighted. Good thing the Thriller valet parked last night; now all we have to do is call for the Finkmobile, schlep everything downstairs, and tralala. On the road again.

What will they think of next…

Happy weekend.

Fink (almost) out

3 thoughts on “Cincinnati, Day 2

  1. BoomR

    The next-best thing to Web check-out is TV check-out. You can pull up your room bill on the TV & review your charges, then confirm that everything should stay on your card. They can then send you an email copy of your charges if you want.

    As a Hilton Honors member (I try & stay there as often as I can when I travel), they just keep my credit card on file. At about 4am, a copy of my invoice magically appears under my door. If there are no problems with my bill, I just get take my bags & run – no need to stop at the desk. Tralala!


  2. RD

    I enjoyed reading your blog and BoomR’s comment. My experience is with Motel 6 and Econolodge, so your info was educational for me. If I ever have the opportunity to stay in a swanky hotel, I’ll at least know about these features. Of course, by then, all my info may be implanted on a chip in my hand, and I’ll just pass through a scanner.


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