Cincinnati, Day 1

Yippy, first meeting in 15 minutes. Then I get to meet my good fiend Bando for coffee. Looking forward to that.

It’s a swanky hotel. When the Thriller and I arrived at the front desk at about 10:45 last night, the guy said, “You are getting our very last room, and it’s being cleaned right now. It’ll be about 15 minutes.” OK, fine. Why they said I was “lucky” because I was getting the “last room” when I’ve had reservations at this joint since November is beyond me. Oh well. I don’t claim to know anything about the intricacies of hotel overbooking practices. At least I’m in, and not at the Motel 6 on I-71.

As you can see, I’m in the lap of luxury here:

Heh. Happy Finkday nonetheless. On to the weekend we go. Stay warm, Ohio fiends — 5 degrees this morning!


5 thoughts on “Cincinnati, Day 1

  1. BoomR

    Now wait just a darned minute… The Hyatt should have had a DESK for you so you could work on your computer!! What’s up with you sitting on the porcelain throne & having to put your laptop on the vanity??


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HAA — I should have mentioned in the post, sweety. I took the laptop to the loo so my clacking wouldn’t wake the Thriller! LOL

      I’ll bet that picture looked mightily strange.


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