Come on, Poseidon.

Keep up the good work, and blow the clouds back into the Atlantic when we’re in NYC.

Just give us some good news for Friday, and we’re good to go. I will take chilly and sunny, gladly. To wear a winter coat (which I will do, even when temps are in the high 50s) doesn’t bother me; feeling and looking like a drowned Rat, however, does. Keep everything crossed.

I’m starting my tour packing list. Last week I told my students to pack light; this weekend I will try to take my own advice.

Someone asked me yesterday if I will blog from New York. Of course! I will take photos and maybe even a Flip Video or two. I might upload an occasional story to the school website as well. That would be fun. A travelogue.

What the World?

I know, that was random. That is, of course, how I roll.

Happy Tunesday. I have no brain.

PS – Both of my beautiful grandsons are very sick. Puts all this other stuff in its proper perspective…
:-( :-(

4 thoughts on “Come on, Poseidon.

  1. BoomR

    Hope you have GREAT weather and a fun/productive trip! Now that we’ve got some sun back, I’ll send a little up your way!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, sweetness. The kids sure are excited, and I think everything is in order — or at least as “in order” as possible when you’re dealing with traffic between Manhattan and Secaucus….ewwwww

  2. Maelea

    I think it’s Fantastic that your going to blogging from New York! It’s going to make my mom feel a lot better knowing that were all okay. Maybe this will prevent her from calling my phone every 5 seconds :)


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