Dear graffiti artist:

Thank you for the ugly scratching of nonsense letters in the black paint on the inside of my classroom door yesterday. No doubt you were bored while waiting for me to dismiss you. Or you thought you were sooper sneaky and funny, tee-hee. The old hag’ll never know what hit her! Hahahahahaha!

Thing is…you forgot something. All will suffer until I find you. And I will find you. Believe it. After about the 3rd straight week of standing for entire rehearsals, during which I will exhibit the disposition of a honey badger, someone will give you up. Take it to the bank. There are usually about 25 people standing near the door before dismissal — somebody saw you.

If it takes until June, I will find you. Now you just have a real good day.~

Rat Fink, your humble choral director

7 thoughts on “Dear graffiti artist:

  1. Mathew

    Remember one time when you put 80 kids in detention for going early? I mean, I don’t because I didn’t leave early, but I heard some kids did. tsk tsk tsk

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I do remember that, Mathew. Just makin’ a statement is all…and just as many students are furious with me after this latest unpleasantness as well. Oh well!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Well fiends…no confession yet. I actually don’t enjoy doing this, but people are not going to do this to my space and just walk away giggling. The Facebook comments are flying…haha


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