Conflicted, but grateful

Normally, I hate school cancellations on Friday during a rehearsal run, because the ballgame always gets rescheduled for a Wednesday night: the *only* night of the week I can get all my cast members together for a company rehearsal of any kind. I have so many athletes in the three winter sports (men’s/women’s basketball, men’s/women’s powerlifting, and wrestling), it’s near impossible to assemble all 25 kids in one place for two hours. It’s madness.

But today, I was grateful and relieved to get the cancellation text. My lungs feel like two enormous slabs of mercury-infected salmon, putrefying in my rib cage. Every dry, hacking cough is a new experience in searing, white-hot, exquisite pain. Honestly, I didn’t know how I was going to get through five rehearsals and a lecture class today, as the only thing that makes the coughing worse is talking and singing. A long weekend of recuperation should do the trick, however.

And the Thriller sounds just as bad as I do, if not marginally worse. Between the two of us, I think we’re scaring the dog, and everyone knows that’s pretty easy to do in the first place. Haha

This about puts the kaibosh on seeing any grandchildren or sister Mavis this weekend, too. My life is a hash. Good night, nurse.

Fink out (back to the bed)

5 thoughts on “Conflicted, but grateful

  1. David

    I am so sorry to hear that Ms. Fink…thoughts, prayers, good karma all sent your way and if I could I would send you all some warm weather. Lots of liquids!

    Rest and take care!

  2. RD

    Wow! So sorry you are suffering from such a bad case of the Ohio crud. Praying that both of you have great recuperation throughout this week-end and that the extra day is really beneficial.

  3. Katherine

    Oh dear, I hope you feel better! I don’t know if you’re into home remedies, but I’ve been swallowing pill sized pieces of raw garlic at first sign of sickness, and this winter has been vastly improved on the sickness front. Even the baby takes it with pb and it works like a charm. Stay cozy!

  4. Candace

    I hope you are back to feeling yourself quickly. So many have this upper respiratory illness. I know of two friends that cracked ribs from the coughing!! Ohio crud is alive and well! Kick it’s butt Ms. Fink!!!

  5. Rat Fink Post author

    Thank you all, good fiends. There seems to be a *bit* less coughing this morning, although the insanity seems to be moving northward to my sinuses. It’s always somethin’, I tell ya!

    The Thriller, however — he’s not sounding too good. At least there’s no choice this weekend; we have to stay in and stay quiet because of the snow level emergencies. Great day to stay in, read, watch movies, do choreography, and cook for the upcoming week!


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