Sleigh bells ring…

…because that’s about all you’d want to drive this morning around these parts.

It’s a beautiful sight, though. At least it’s beautiful from the inside of your front porch, as opposed to the inside of your car’s windshield. Quite a few snow drifts on the roads this morning. And speaking of, here’s a quote from an area newspaper:

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard issued a Level 3 snow emergency at 7 a.m. Saturday.

“We were out checking the roads at 5 a.m. and some roads, such as Baseline, had 3 feet of snow,” Howard said. Ohio 162 was completely drifted shut until crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation plowed it. Portions of Old State Road had drifts as high as 3 feet. “You’ll drive along sections of the road that seem fine, and then you’ll come up on a drift that is 3 feet high. I expect this Level 3 to be in effect for some time,” he said. “We’re supposed to get more snow, and winds are expected to increase.” 

During a Level, 3, motorists can be ticketed for being on the roadways.

Don’t have to tell me twice. Today is a day for cooking for the week, doing some choreography, and relaxing. May as well, right? Neither of us wants to plow out the 6 inches of snow that’s covering the driveway. Besides, it’s Saturday, and hopefully that means R&R for you as well. Fortunately, the Thriller and I have a near-empty dance card. Because, you know, there needs to be open space for coughing.


2 thoughts on “Sleigh bells ring…

  1. David

    There is one distinct possibility for you all East of the Mississippi…this my in fact be the year hell freezes over!

    Stay warm, stay inside, stay safe and praying you and Thriller start feeling better!


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