Cool Toys

Ya just gotta love this.

New Barbie dolls — Mad Men style. They come in 4 flavors: Joan, Roger, Don and Betty. How fantastic is this?


Only thing slightly uncool is the price — $75. Seventy-five bucks for a Barbie? What the world? For $30, you can get a toy that blows giant smoke rings, or a shower curtain decorated with the Periodic Table. Even fewer semolians are required to get you (“you” meaning BoomR and Helen) iPhone App Fridge Magnets.

What’s not to like?

And did you ever make a flipbook when you were a kid? I never had the talent. Still don’t. But at $3, I could just not and say I did.

The coolest toys are the ones that make you say, “Geez, wish I’d thought of that first.” My #1 pick? G.I. Joe. I envy the guy back in 1963 who said, “Hmm…there’s got to be a way I can tap into the doll market for boys….”

I heart toys. And you.

4 thoughts on “Cool Toys

  1. BoomR

    Now THAT’S what **I’M** talkin’ about! Gonna get me some of those fridge magnets!

    Did you see the GI Joe movie? If not, we can pop some popcorn while you’re here in July & watch it (I’ve got it on the Media Server)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      No, we haven’t seen that movie! Love the idea of just sitting about and being lazy. July won’t get here fast enough!


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