1. The pipes in my house survived last night (-14 F/-39 wind chill), with the exception of one place: my bathroom, of course.
  2. Try to say/do something nice, and what do people do? I guess some folks are just trained by example (their mamas? who knows) to pick things apart and find a negative in absolutely everything, no matter how positive the initial action. Yes, that’s a vague statement and I hate those, but there you go. Do what you hate to see others do. Sheesh.
  3. Remy is trying to adjust, and it’s getting better every day. He’s trying. But sometimes, the whole thing’s trying, especially since we’re housebound and can’t get out for a walk or anything. Poor puppy. His paws freeze as soon as he gets outside.
  4. I need to get out this house. How people can stay home and work is beyond me. Too much monotony — or I have too ¬†little self-discipline. Likely B. Sucky, regardless. Bring on the 55-hour work/rehearsal weeks, followed by choir tour, followed by concert season, followed by graduation. I’m ready.
  5. Timing just bites in general, you know?
  6. The next person who says, posts or tweets, “Welp, so much for global warming!”…I swear
  7. I’m up for a trip to anywhere. (If my car will start, that is.)

There we go. Much better. ;-) Need to have at it? That’s why God made the comment section. And speekina…you’ll notice that my theme has undergone *some* improvements with regard to how certain code is displayed. I’m working with a nice guy who’s a WordPress genius (he’s in Bangladesh, of all places, so communication is “off,” with him being 11 hours ahead), so progress is a bit slower than normal. Therefore, all is not fixed yet, but the Fink (and my friend Sunny from Bangladesh) is on the case.

More coffee might make me happier. I doubt it, but I’ll give it a go. Cripes!

7 thoughts on “Crabby

  1. Mavis

    Oh my. You’re at the nuclear stage! Love the visual, btw. LOL! Totally agree. Hang in there, honey. Ever since you were born, you couldn’t sit still or stand for idleness. You were always on the move or involved with something at school. Tomorrow you will be on your way to the school house, and won’t stop again until June!

    I know what you mean in #2. I can be one of those people if I let myself. I try not to be, though. My New Year’s resolution is to be healthier and more positive about everything.

    Poor Remy. Poor Bird! This should be the last super cold day for a little while, so Remy can get some walking time in with his Mama/Papa.

    I would love for you to come and get me so we could go do ANYTHING, but alas, I’m glued to the house today. YUCK!!!!! Hold on Bird!

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Well, we will just reschedule our “do ANYTHING” outing! We need to get you past this surgery and on the road to recovery. Hang in there, sis!

  2. David

    OK my Friend…just consider it practice for doing the “pensioner.” That is when all your creativity will really shine cause you will not have work to take up eight or more hours a day…lots more time for the good stuff. Hang in there Ms. Fink….

    I’m a “the glass is half full” guy and Liz a “half empty;” together we have plenty to drink!

    You and Thriller and Remy are always welcome at the Starbale Ranch…nuestra casa es siempre su casa! Love Ya!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      One day, we shall definitely darken Starbale’s doorstep, my fiend, and hopefully before I actually wear the “pensioner” hat. Needs to be sooner! :-) Thanks for the song and the encouragement!

  3. Ross

    That nuclear blast reminds me of the earth’s environmental collapse due to humankind’s greedy indifference. Welp so much for global smarming.


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