Crabby? Me?

Do you ever finish a yummy breakfast and your stomach is full but your mouth is still hungry? I hate that. Had a fantastic strawberry-pineapple-mango-vanilla yogurt smoothie this morning, drank it all down (a huge cup and a half serving for about 150 skinny calories) — and then it was over. I wasn’t even nearly done tasting it yet. Well, that tends to┬ámake me a skosh tetchy. So naturally, I have to make everyone around me tetchy as well. I’m just awesome like that. :-)

This morning I happened on a site that seems to be run by a young gal who asks people to submit quotes to her, after which she puts them on interesting pictures and offers them as graphics for your website, Facebook page, MySpace profile, cubicle, desk, bedroom wall, etc.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find these incredibly heavy, deep sayings a trifle annoying? A little over-dramatic, mayhap? Heaven knows we’re all (even I, gasp!) given to histrionics and lengthy rantings now and then, and even the occasional lofty discourse, right? I generally try to avoid all three. But sometimes the situation becomes untenable, and I have to, well, tetch. It’s Snark Week, after all. :P

I mean, look at these. Seriously.


How about we elect this guy to the school board.


a n d then, i ran o u t of meth




Shut up, hippie. I will cut you.


As I am cloaked in failure.


daisyrifle daisyrifle daisyrifle daisyr


The only thing worse than quoting Jerry Maguire? Quoting Olivia Newton-John.


As outer Mongolia leads to China.




OK OK. I’ll quit. Actually, I’m not feeling that surly anymore. Writing to you has cured me. Besides, today is a good day; I’m going to get a lot done this morning after getting lots done last night. Then, this afternoon, the Js come for a sleepover, and there’s a Browns game on tonight. A good Saturday indeed. Hope yours is fab!

8 thoughts on “Crabby? Me?

  1. BoomR

    Wait – a Browns game? Is it that time of year already??? I was just watching the Rangers & Indians on TV at Chamberlain’s last weekend (or so I thought)… !!!

      1. BoomR

        Browns & Green Bay were on in the Back Room last night – was that a for-real game, or a replay of a previous game? Everyone seemed glued to the TV & oblivious to me at the piano LOL

        1. Rat Fink Post author

          What? What a bunch of ultramaroons, ignoring you for a stupid preseason game! I dunno…maybe it was because the Packers are the reigning SB champs, and folks wanted to see them beat up on the chump Browns. Ah…but that didn’t happen! We might win a few this year — although I’d never watch them when you were playing in the same room! Sheesh, people!


  2. Suzanne

    Yeah boring blah blah blah words to live by blah blah blah. :)

    Have fun with the Js! My Saturday is almost over, tomorrow is Sunday and H is also not working so I anticipate a l a z y Sunday for us!

    XOXOXOXO *smewch*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Excellent, doll! I adore a rainy Sunday, watching movies or lurking around on the internets. And seeing how this is my last week of laziness, I’d better take advantage of it. Enjoy your day off (at this point, you’ve probably been enjoying it for hours). :-)


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