Crawling topside

Yay, I feel better today. Starting to come out of it. I had some connectivity problems this morning, but they were solved by the time I got back from having breakfast with Rae.

So today, I start seriously thinking about the first day of school. It’s my 18th autumn in the public school circus, and you’d think I’d be on autopilot by now. Not so. Each new year has its nervy beginning, even though, unlike most “regular” teachers, I see many of the same students, year after year, from 5th grade on through to graduation. That’s one of the fun parts about being a choral director — you get to watch them grow firsthand. They don’t “leave your building” until it’s time for them to leave all the buildings. I like that.

Not only am I thinking about the first day of school, but also about what just might be the Show from Hades. Every once in awhile, you do a show that sucks you dry; that siphons every last vestige of your humanity. I see that coming. Amen, Stoney?

But somewhere amidst the siphoning and sucking, we’ll have the time of our lives watching teenagers turn into performers. It’s always magic.

5 thoughts on “Crawling topside

  1. Mavis

    I’ve seen many a-time when you and Stoney have been “sucked dry” from one show to another. I have always been thrilled with the outcome, though. I always leave wanting more! I have yet to see a bad show from you, Stoney and the kids. I’m so excited to see this years! Let the siphoning begin!! :0)

  2. Meg Grose

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, Fink! I hope you have a great start to a new school year and I’m sure the show will turn out fantastic! I am so excited to come back and be a part of the audience. I will take you out on a date sometime after the show. :)

  3. Meg's Mom

    I know what you and Stoney do is incredibly draining…but it’s also magic. Take it from the Mama side, you are changing kids’ lives in the process.


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