I believe:

  1. that life is incomplete without music, visual art and dance.
  2. that many parents are products of fractured childhoods, the entrails of which they then pass on to their children.
  3. it’s possible to break the cycle.
  4. that most nasty, unkind and uncaring people are positively crippled by low self-esteem.
  5. that children openly arguing and verbally sparring with adults is no longer the exception, but the rule.
  6. it’s possible to break that cycle, too.
  7. that good conversation is becoming a lost art.
  8. it’s possible that the Cleveland Browns could go down in history as the solitary NFL team never to play in a Super Bowl. (Yes, I believe the Lions, Jags and Texans will all get there first.)
  9. you can fight with a friend or loved one and still be OK afterwards.
  10. for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. ( :-) — just checking to see if you’re paying attention)
  11. that most kids are so petrified of peer rejection, their true passions, aspirations, and even identity can lie buried for years — or forever.
  12. that one can live with the consequences of one’s decisions and still be happy.
  13. that the weather is going to positively smoke my rehearsal schedule this week. But I’m OK with it. Really.
  14. that the lousy St*****s will win the Super Bowl just to spite me. But I will rest in the knowledge that at least they’ve lost one; the 49ers went 5-0. Eat that, Armpittsburgh.

Fink, channeling #4, football edition

2 thoughts on “Credo

  1. PKPudlin

    When my girls were little, they were used to being dragged to rehearsals with me (single parent), but the up side was that they were exposed to all sorts of really good choral music. The group I was in sang Mozart’s Mass in C-minor and were rehearsing the Credo one evening. On the way home, the girls said they liked the Play-Doh song. We had a good laugh.

    Armpittsburgh. Love that. I spent a week there one day. Only the 10th dirtiest town in the US. And that doesn’t include what goes on on the football field.

    Thankfully highly allergic to football. *sniffle*


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