That’s how the leg bones go this morning.

But hey, enough complaining. It was a great weekend; my eternal thanks go to the cast, crew, pit and parent and student workers involved in Dinner Theatre 2011. I am once again amazed at how it all comes together. They’re all stars. All-stars.

Now I’m off to the kitchen in preparation for 12 guests for dinner tonight. Baking a birthday cake, then cooking this afternoon with fellow grammie Jane. Fun! I just wish there was one more day in the weekend so I could spend more time playing with the new toy:


Thanks to all my fiends who commented on yesterday’s picture post. I am proud of all those kids, even though they make me want to stomp daisies sometimes. Know the feelin’? :-)

5 thoughts on “Creeeeeeak

  1. BoomR

    Lookit yew wit’cher Cleveburg Indians wallapaper! I actually do like Android phones a lot & if I ever decide to part company with my iPhone, you can bet it’ll be for an Android. But for me, I absolutely LOVE having my iPod and mobile phone all rolled into one device. So until there’s an elegant music library sync solution for Android & iTunes, I will stick to what I’ve got.

    Who’s birthday are you celebrating? Is there chocolate cake involved??


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah, how about that? And I totally get you sticking with your iPhone. That’s basically why I’m sticking with Droid, even though I did think about making the switch as well. I have too many paid Droid apps, and the thing does what I want it to do, so I figured I’d stay till Apple comes out with something I absolutely can’t live without (I’m trying like mad to not tell Verizon to go ahead and give me an iPad!).

      It’s Simone’s birthday feast today! She’s 30. And chocolate cake? Naaaah. No chocolate cake here. Just this old thing:


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HA — You WISH! But you can put it on your phone, so we both support loser teams. LOL. I hope you’re feeling better! I owe you a long mail.


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