Nice Saturday

Why is that? Because I had one of the best Friday openings in years. It’s positively baffling. The same group of nineteen 15-18-year-olds who made me want to shoot myself a week ago (heck, two days ago) transformed into actors, singers and dancers who delighted two audiences last night. I told the kids last week that I was going to lobby to add my hair coloring expense to their school fees. I needn’t have bothered.

So if you’ll indulge me in some parent-like pride, I will unfurl the accordion picture holder and make you suffer through my family photos. All joking aside: these kids are exceptional.

Many thanks to the Norwalk Reflector for the great photos.¬†Even more thanks to a fine cast and crew for wowing the crowd and making an old lady feel terrific. On to closing night…



6 thoughts on “Nice Saturday

  1. Country Mouse

    Couldn’t agree with you more – what a great set of shows last night! You should be proud – you are what brings out that greatness!!!!! Hugs and congrats to you!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And you, CM, are the glue that holds this thing together! Can’t imagine doing these without you…

  2. Maelea

    I really miss the show now that it is over! It’s a good thing that I have two more years to be with ya Fink :)


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