Crowded Brain Syndrome

Yeah, I just made that up. But it’s 6:58 on my day off, and already I’m having to make more room for new stuff in my head. Where’s the fun in THAT?

What’s so important to think about this day? Oh, lots of things. There are many irons in the fire. Another book in the works? How silly. My future as a disposable academic? Yikes — although I’m glad to have settled for the second masters degree instead of toiling endlessly for years after completing the doctoral coursework to do the exams and the whole insane dissertation process, only to find that A) I wouldn’t make much more than someone with a masters, and B) I’d missed my grandsons’ formative years.

Then there’s the uncertainty with statewide budget cuts in education. Whose job is safe outside the core curriculum (math, science, English, social studies)?

Will the world hire the Thriller after all his hard work at seminary? I know it’s against the law to discriminate on the basis of age, but you know and I know that it happens all the time, often masquerading as something else.

But now, to the truly important part: I must watch the season finale of Downton Abbey that I recorded last night before I check Facebook and have the entire ending spoiled. :-)

So much to think about, so little to do. Wait, stop. Reverse that. Wait. Nevermind.

Happy Presidents Day! Hope you have the day off to enjoy a little re-energizing.


2 thoughts on “Crowded Brain Syndrome

  1. Meg

    I have yet to see the DA finale as well! I can’t believe the season is already over. Do we know when the next season is coming? Or when things will be out on DVD?
    P.S. I hope you’re not stressing *too* much on your day off!


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