Cryptic Post #1

Hahaha. After all the yammering I do about people being guilty of this on Facebook, now I write one here?

Not really, no. I mean I could, but I won’t. I want to, but…seriously, I have to say that just for general purposes, we should all — myself included, absolutely — do the following, for the greater good:

  1. Do unto others…
  2. Tell the truth to people you care about, even if it’s uncomfortable — but also be willing to hear the truth.
  3. Open doors for people. And I don’t mean in the metaphorical sense. I mean, if someone’s behind you, or struggling with an armload of stuff — be nice and open the door. :-)
  4. Bring somebody some chocolate once in awhile. It makes you feel good. (PM me for my address.)
  5. If someone insults you, forgive him first, then go to him and work it out, as calmly and quietly as possible.
  6. Trusting someone with your private thoughts is a huge deal, and must never be entered into lightly.
  7. Always, always try to choose kindness first, and resist with all your might the urge to put the smackdown on someone because it would make you feel superior.
  8. Be OK with the fact that sometimes you’re the dog, and sometimes you’re the fire hydrant. It happens.
  9. Choose one person per day to build up and encourage with a kind comment.
  10. Live by Google’s (alleged) motto: “Don’t be evil.”
Start with #11 if you got any!


6 thoughts on “Cryptic Post #1

  1. RD

    What a terrific list. Thanks! My #11 was spoken by someone a whole lot wiser than I. “Treat others the way you want them to treat you.” Your list gave great specific expressions of this. I especially “amen” your #6. Having a safe person in my life is a huge and treasured blessing!


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