A little ouchy

It was bound to happen…I mean, I’m not upset or anything, and I **love** Homeland, but Mad Men’s choke hold on the Emmys ended last night. Could it be that the show is approaching yesterday’s news status because the end is near? Same with Breaking Bad, mayhap?

Why do we get so attached to pretend stories on TV? It’s an age-old question, whether its books or movies or plays, I suppose. It’s the transcendent quality of stories that lifts us out of our daily lives and allows us to vicariously experience things we never would consider doing in realtime. I’ve always been a sucker for a fantastic tale.

But, as with all things, I suppose stories run their course in time, and eventually the day comes when things move on. I’m not looking forward to seeing my favorite stories end (MM and BB), but I understand they can’t be endless yarns. Anyway, I’m trying to analyze why I like my favorite shows. Here’s a weak attempt:

  1. Mad Men. Without a doubt, it’s the nostalgia. I was a child of the 1960s, and I remember the clothing styles, the hairstyles, the furniture, the newspaper ads, the billboards, the cars…everything rings true to me. It’s transcendent. Add to that a handsome cast, brilliant writing and great music, and I’m hooked.
  2. Breaking Bad. I guess that, as a teacher, I cannot even fathom doing something like Walt does and actually getting away with it. I watch every week to see how far he is going to go next, and to see Jesse advance in his humanity as Walt degrades his own. Where will all the betrayal and secrets end? We’ll find out this summer, when the final episodes air.
  3. True Blood. I just love vampire stuff. It all started with my accidentally picking up a copy of Interview with the Vampire back in the early 90s. It’s a guilty pleasure. Vampires are dangerous and intensely romantic. And then there’s that whole live forever as an insanely wealthy eccentric thing…
  4. The Newsroom. I really hope HBO keeps this. Aaron Sorkin is not everyone’s bag of chips — I don’t even buy all his ideas — but it makes for great storytelling.
  5. Once Upon a Time. I love fairy tales! And this one has entertaining characters and a wacky, fantastic plot.
  6. Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. I love fantasy and history.

There’s more, but I’m out of time. But if you have time, tell why you love your fave TV or movie. Who knows, maybe I’ll take a recommendation from you. My DVR ain’t half full. :P

Happy Monkday!

4 thoughts on “A little ouchy

  1. Hannah

    This post is the story of my life. Lol. I am sooo guilty of this and hate it so much. My family has ben into the Firm, but it got canceled after 1 season!!!! Who does that?!?!! Lol

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know, it’s infuriating. I felt the same way after seeing Dark Shadows get axed in the early 90s (it fell victim to coverage of the first Gulf war), and The 4400 get yanked after three or four seasons. It’s like losing a family friend — nuts!

  2. BoomR

    The only one in your list in which I’m not completely immersed is Breaking Bad. I’m gonna have to check that one out!

    After we got back from vacation, I’ve been doing my own personal iPad mini-marathon via HBO GO and catching up on True Blood. What a hoot! And of course, now that I’m finally up to season 5, there are some cool interactive features/info/video clips in HBO GO. Fun to hear the characters speaking in their own voices/personalities. Who wouldda thunk that “Jason S” had a British (or is it Aussie) accent??


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I. Want. HBO GO. But NOOoOOOOOo, Armstrong can’t carry it “yet.” Whatev.

      I hear you about Jason! He’s an Aussie, yep. And Bill, too! (He’s a Brit.) Love it — it’s our silly, guilty TV pleasure.

      You simply must start Breaking Bad. From the very first episode, you’re hooked (and horrified). You absolutely have to watch it. And the writing is superb.


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