Did you know…

…. that I once toured Europe? In 1976, I auditioned for, and was accepted into, a nationwide choir/band/orchestra touring group called America’s Youth in Concert. I was in the choir, and our first gig was Carnegie Hall. Then we went to Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Innsbruck, Geneva and London. The choir was directed by Dr. William Ramsey of Stanford University, whose music my own high school choir has sung. Neet. Sandin Wilson played bass in the orchestra that accompanied us. I was the alto soloist in the quartet featured in Mozart’s Coronation Mass in C Major. I took dozens and dozens of pictures, which, unfortunately, were lost during a move. I am still heartbroken over it. Anyway — seeing Matt Gross’s latest blog post reminded me of it. I want to go back sometime before I die. But there’s that flying issue…(shut up, Kay).

…. that I own all the Beatles’ albums? Sure you did.

…. that I just bought this shirt? How cool is that. The downside: had to pay the current GBP exchange rate. Nauseating. I have that font; why didn’t I just design the shirt myself? I am dumm.

…. that former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (age 79) just invented a video game?

…. that I have to sit through six interviews for a band director over the next 2 days? (Thanks, Mando & Adam. Sheesh. I know where I stand.)

…. that I am going to be late for said interviews if I don’t get a move on?

Have a great day, y’all. Have I mentioned I’m on summer vacation? Still waiting for it to start….

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