3 thoughts on “Picture day

  1. Mavis

    Harrison, sweetness, the earring might be your last ditch effort to hold onto your youth, but seriously, it’s just another hole in your body that the nursing home doctors can stick something into.

    Faye dahling, ever see Joan Rivers?

    Lindsey, your face probably looks different because you’re off the drugs.

    Phillip, dear Phillip. Even in real life you’re trying to put on an act. You want people to think you’re some kind of rich eccentric. That way, you don’t have to dress like a human being! By the way, Fink, you look YEARS younger than Phillip Seymour Hoffman. You dress better, too!

    Harring – does she not know that people are whispering – “fake”.

    Rumor has it that, Rumer really wants to look like Mommy. Keep trying, precious.

    Charlotte and Tony – you’re the best!

    Reporting from 1120, I’m Mavis Davis


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