Dieu merci, c’est vendredi

Thank the good Lord. Finkday at last.

Has this week dragged along for you? Sure has for me. Maybe it’s because of the weird schedule we’ve been on (2-hour delay, because of statewide testing for sophomores), and the rather late nights at rehearsal.

We had an extended hour of rehearsal last night to fix some problems with Joseph’s eleven brothers, and I must say it was beneficial. Lots of things went right.

Please cross everything crossable, and say a prayer that all 27 cast members and six crew remain healthy for the remainder of the run. It’s always a worry as opening night approaches, and students (and, admittedly, directors) are wrung out by late nights and school work.

Tomorrow is the tech rehearsal, where all trains go to derail. I’m going to try and squeeze in some grandson time (everything crossed here as well), and buckle the chin strap for the bumpy ride to follow.

You enjoy your weekend, fiends — thassanorder!


2 thoughts on “Dieu merci, c’est vendredi

  1. Mavis

    Right?!! This has been the longest week ever! I’m so glad that rehearsals are going well. I know how you get nervous when “tech night” approaches, though. I’m sure it will go off without one car derailing! Well, at least I hope that’s the case. :-) Anyway, I’m getting so excited for the show! So, everybody keep washing your hands, drink lots of orange juice and take your vitamins! It’s going to be epic!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Vitamins! Vitamins! (spoken with a short “i”)

      I hope there are no derailments today, but I ain’t holdin’ my breath on it, Mavis. LOL I told some of my kids to not go anywhere or do anything this weekend if they didn’t have to. Sometimes they think they’re made of Teflon and that bad things just slide off them…then reality hits. Keep everything crossed — can’t wait to see ya Saturday night!


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