Do NOT go here II

This morning I opened an email from RtB fiend (and my writing hero) Ross, asking me if I’d ever been to Well, I hadn’t even heard of it, so I went.

Big mistake.

Now I’m running completely late — as if that doesn’t happen often enough anyway. But man, did I ever nail the Beatles Opening Lyrics quiz. Still, I’m just sayin…if you do not go there, you stand a good chance of getting a timely start to your day. If you go there, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Thanks, Ross. Sheesh…

Happy Finkday! It’s a good day (unless you’re Adam, Bando or Rae, who get to schlep bands to football games tonight).

6 thoughts on “Do NOT go here II

  1. Skylar

    I know your pain. Stein was messing with sporcle one day in band and asked us to help. I haven’t been able to stop. -.- At least it’s educational. :P

    1. Kanchan

      GiedreStankeviciute on April 5, 2010 How did you get it unfrozen? Please let me know! Mine is frezon at 316 but i have over 3000 real views (I printed the insight report). Please, let me know!

  2. Conger

    I actually didn’t do too bad on that quiz. I didn’t know some of the really obscure ones (Michelle, Blue Jay Way). *shrug*

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      For someone your age to not do too bad, that is saying something. Last year I was talking to some students who were amazed that I didn’t know every word to every Beatles tune, without exception. It happens to the best of us! :-)


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