Do NOT go here VII

Why do the Daily Mail and Sky News do it? They’re both just gossip clearing houses. Don’t go there. I’ve been up since 3:00 this morning, and I’ve spent too long looking at this nonsense. Perhaps I should have graded assignments instead?

Nah. :-)

Some stories of note, however:

  1. So sad…there was an all-out brawl at Hector Camacho’s funeral. But, as is often the case with boxers (sorry to play into the stereotype, but sadly, it’s true more often than not), Hector was a thug.  
  2. OK, I’m thinking some tough love is in order here. If yet another judge gives Girlfriend yet another free pass, I will have lost what little of my faith remains in the American justice system.
  3. The poor, poor lady. What will she do with the $4M in a nursing home?
  4. Well, I learned something this morning.
  5. Ha! Awesome. Check out Mr. Bates’s “before” picture. Dreamy…
  6. Eeeeeyep. Role models for my students.
But hey, it’s FINKDAY! That’s fantastic. Hope you have tomorrow off. Time to hit the road…


2 thoughts on “Do NOT go here VII

  1. Suzanne

    Hiya! Great reading. Didja see that story about the woman’s butt implant that flipped inside out?? FREAKY!!!!

    HAAAA it’s Friday evening for me and I am staring down the barrel of a three-day weekend!! YAY! Have a good day!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      YES — and everywhere I looked, THERE IT WAS. I couldn’t get away from it, LOL

      You enjoy the heck out of your long weekend!


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