Elf need to git bizzy

You know, some people hate to wrap gifts, but I actually see it as therapy. I can’t do anything visually artistic, really — can’t even draw a stick figure correctly. I couldn’t mold or sculpt or fashion much of anything worthwhile. But I can wrap a present.

Trouble is, if I want to get my dining room table cleared off (and hide things that need to be hidden), I need to start on it. Like, tonight. Inside those boxes are some of my Black Friday deals, with more arriving in the coming days, and three more going to Lars and Helen’s house, as I don’t want the Thriller to see whence his prezzies came.

So, after school today, I’m going to spend some quality time with tape and paper and ribbon. See what kind of dent I can make in things. Then I will put them under my little tree (I’m still sad that we don’t get a real tree anymore, but this cutie from last year is doing the trick) and go on to other tasks…like going through my Joseph score. We watched the film version last night in my classroom — oy. This is gonna be some work.

And speaking of work…time to drop that dough in the fryer. Hey, it’s almost the weekend! Enjoy your day, fiends. Check in, as you know how I lurve comment lurve.

4 thoughts on “Elf need to git bizzy

  1. Lori

    Are you talking about the version of “Joseph” starring Donny Osmond?? You know, being the age I am, that he still makes my formerly teenie-bopper heart go all a flutter!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      The same! His Joseph is the absolute best I’ve heard, and there are a few good ones out there. I didn’t much care for the Osmonds after about the age of 12 (when they got into their weird “Crazy Horses” stage), but I LOVED Donny in the 90s and forward. What a gorgeous voice! And he is dreamy!

  2. Suzanne

    Cool, I don’t mind wrapping presents either. It is kind of therapeutic to estimate and cut and fold and tape up prezzies bought with love.

    And cool tomorrow is Friday for me, too, as I have Saturday off. AND next Saturday! WOW what will I do with my long weekends!



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