Do NOT go here XII

As is my wont (for the past eleven times, although I never noticed until this morning that I mentioned ZergNet twice), every so often I like to warn my fiends about the potential dangers of getting lost in the forest: the forest of links, that is.

Whether you’re a casual trivia buff or a full-out philomath, you can be drawn in unawares, at which point all your minutes are belong to them for a while. Each time you try to break away, you’re drawn back in by clicking just one more link. It’s like an endless loop — or, you know, this;-)

Today’s DNGH is among the silliest I’ve posted. Still, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

J’ever notice how certain people really look like other people (and, on occasion, things)? Yeah, there’s a whole site about that. Funny stuff.

Know what’s not funny? Seeing a huge rat run across my classroom carpet. That was awesome.


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