Doin’ the work II

Tech rehearsal, tech rehearsal. Actually, I’m just glad it’s in the afternoons now, and not 8 a.m., as in past years. Not complaining there. I mean, I’m a morning person and all, but the ballet I had to perform on a Saturday morning, beginning at 5, to be able to get everything to school and set up by 8…I’ll pass, thanks. Must be my advancing age, but I’m just not into that anymore.

For those who may not know, a tech rehearsal is, of course, when all the technical people (sound, lights, stage crew) come to run the show for the first time. On the actors’ side, it’s the first time the show is run in full wardrobe, wearing mics. Oftentimes, worlds collide; trains wreck. It’s part of the process.

Since it’s a bit of a stressful day, we try to reward the students for giving up yet another Saturday in the name of art. So we feed them. Next to cash, that’s the best way. Two days ago, I ordered 16 pizzas from East of Chicago, which will be delivered this afternoon with a half hour left to go in rehearsal, so the smell of dinner permeates the room. (Another deliberate carrot: “If the finale goes well, we eat.”) There are also a dozen people bringing in tasty desserts and other munchies. I must say, diet be hanged today; I’m looking forward to the feast.

But for now, it’s hit the shower and the road to the school house. I’m ’bout to go get my piano on. At least I’m to the point where I can leave my tap shoes at home.

Are we having a good Saturday yet? I hope so!

2 thoughts on “Doin’ the work II

  1. Mavis

    I’m having a lovely Saturday! It’s very peaceful. I’m so excited for DT! Every year the cast, crew, parents and everyone involved pull off a banner show! The kids are awesome. You’re pretty awesome, too, Birdie! There’s going to be legs breaking next weekend!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Haha thanks, Mave — I’m excited, too (to get through it, of course!). So glad you’ll be able to come!


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