Doin’ the work

Doin’ the work, doin’ the work, gettin’ stuff done…

I’ve come up for air to let you know that things are starting to shape up for opening night next Friday. Huzzah! OK, they’re shaping up slowly, but still taking shape. Will you come to my show? I’d love to see you there.

Speaking of shapes — where did these ten extra pounds come from since Thanksgiving? Certainly not from the ridiculously poor eating habits of grabbing a sandwich or yogurt or pizza or candy bar or whatever when I think of it. Or the nervous munching. Or the no sleep or nutty rehearsal schedule. Or my increasing inability to keep stuff straight. Oy. Gotta get control of myself.

Still, I’ve gotten quite a bit done since waking up at 3:02 today. Should be ready to tackle Thursday with renewed, caffeine-soaked resolve. Details will be dealt with, problems will be solved, and the cocka-doody program will be sent to the printer if it’s the last thing I do. Come Sunday the 30th, I can rest for a bit.

Until then, I’m….




6 thoughts on “Doin’ the work

  1. Mavis

    You’re getting it done, Bird. No worries. I can’t wait for DT! I’ll definitely be there! Next Sunday, you can be a couch-tater and relax before the next big thing. Hang in there, hon! :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Will do, Mave! I look for the wheels to fall off for a bit today (Saturday), but things will hopefully shape up this coming week. Now if I could just get rid of that sickening feeling like I’m forgetting something…blah!

  2. David

    I would love to be there my friend but alas…know this you are on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers!

    Mucho amor a mi querido amiga mantenerse a salvo y la velocidad a Dios!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Gracias, querido! Much appreciated. One of these days, I’m tellin ya…we’re gonna git together for a face-to-face palaver!

  3. RD

    Hooray that things are shaping up for next Fri night. I really wish it were possible to attend, especially since your opening night is on my opening day of many, many years ago. But alas … Speaking of extra pounds, I have the same issue and am having trouble being motivated to do anything about it. At the moment I’m pigging out on the NCAA basketball tournament. No calories there unless I snack during it. Ohio State lost its opening round game by one point.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I wish you guys could be here, too! And do you believe I did not forget that the 28th is your hatching date? Go me.

      And poor Ohio State lost in the first round. Boooo hooo. *sniffle*



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