Don’t nobody bring me…

…no bad news.

(And if you know what show that song is from, you’ve seen some really bad musicals. Respect to Ashford & Simpson, but yikes.)

I should have rephrased the title to say “…no more┬ábad news.” There’s been a lot over the last day or so:

  • The terrible damage and deaths from the storm in Mexico
  • The Browns, once again trading away their top draft choice so he can win a Super Bowl with some other team
  • A huge project required for my upcoming teacher evaluation is due on the 30th, and I haven’t even begun putting data together (this ought to be fun)
  • I thought tomorrow was payday; it isn’t
  • Yesterday, someone told me, “This too shall pass.” I hate that flippant, arrogant, pretentious phrase. I experienced violent thoughts. It was bad news.
  • Thanks to the “huge project required for my upcoming teacher evaluation,” I know what my weekend looks like, and it is vile
  • The Thriller’s new job is going to be good, but he’s mired in training and paperwork — mountains of paperwork — right now. That, and he doesn’t get his first paycheck until October. Huh??

Would you believe me if I said there are about five more items I could add to the list? I think you would. But I won’t do it today. <Insert sentence about how grateful I am to have a great job, family and friends, and that I don’t usually write whiny, negative posts.>

All right, fiends. Let’s get up and at ’em. Here’s to a day free of sad tidings.

6 thoughts on “Don’t nobody bring me…

  1. RD

    Yikes! I’m praying for you, and I mean that genuinely, and not in a mundane, flippant, casual or dismissive way. I pray that something really wonderful will happen in your life today.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And I thank you, dear friend! You’re one of the most genuine people I know, so no worries there. Launch to Paradise is getting ever closer for you and Bonnie…the Thriller and I were talking the other day, and he agreed we need to have one more meet-up before you guys leave. DONE!

  2. Lori

    Yeah, thanks for that new Colt. Must admit though, that when my FB news feed blew up last night (most of those on my friend list who have loyalties to an NFL team choose either Colts or Browns), I had to find out who this TR guy was. We’ll take him!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You’re welcome — the Browns management always likes to make sure other NFL teams are equipped with the best players they can offer. :P

  3. David

    Hey Kiddo…I am with you on trite, flippant, dismissive phrases and how they can instantly raise the blood pressure to “Shut the _ _ _ _ up” levels. It does seem like there are days where nothing good happens; I know that isn’t true but that does not mean it can’t feel like it.
    So, I say this, if anyone is capable of dealing with the “stuff” of life it is you dear friend! You are one of the most genuine (as is evidenced by this particular venue) person I know, you are loving and loved!
    And this I know to be true of your “wiring”…you will pull up the big girl bloomers and deal with it…all!
    Prayers, thoughts and all the good stuff the pensioner can muster…are yours!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, D — you definitely know where I’m coming from! Big hugs to you out there in the wild west. (We have *got* to get together next time we’re out there!)


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