Doodles Day

Chocodoodles, that is. I will provide pictures, so maybe you will want to place an order. Eh, fiends? What say?

I read in the newspaper this morning about the heartbreaking 2-point loss our school suffered against a conference opponent last night. The columnist said that our players got into some trouble because they were “a little too aggressive” at times. Ya think?

Hahaha. Our resident basketball official, RD, has no doubt seen this and worse. I think it’s kind of funny. You know — coverage sack, basketball version. Way to play ’em, Trojans!

So today we make the Chocodoodles. I am going to take some to school for our faculty Christmas party on Tuesday. My colleagues will function as crash test dummies, per se. Then it’s off to the test kitchen over Christmas break, where Mavis and I will attempt to find and perfect the best sponge cake recipe ever. So much to do, so little time.

Happy weekend!

OH, and is PK the absolute best? She made me the most beautiful pink and black mini-pocketbook. It is the perfect size for my digital camera. She is top-drawer. Thank you, dear fiend! :-)

Photo: Steve Stokes, Ashland Times-Gazette

5 thoughts on “Doodles Day

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Wait till I break out my solo reverse, eyes-closed and tongue-out alley from half court. He would sit right down in the middle of the floor and weep like a toddler.

  1. Tom Hanks

    That sounds like a pretty wicked dunk. I have a little number I do where I jump from the top bleacher, soaring over 100 feet before slam-jamming it home and shattering the backboard in the process.

    One of these days we should probably have a dunk contest.


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