Est-il possible?

It’s possible…for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage…

Yeah, and four white mice could never be four white horses. But for a brief moment last night, I was on top of the world, all Cinderella and stuff. Most of you know (because we’re Facebook pals) that I got my first real, paying writing gig last night; that is, my first very small, very low-paying, but honest-to-goodness fer rill writing gig.

I’ll take it. Well, I took it already and finished it last night. Next?

Seriously, I already do what I feel I was born to do (shape young voices, one wrong note at a time), and I love my job. But sometimes, there’s a unique thrill about getting to do what you’ve secretly dreamed of doing for years. I feel like taking my very small paycheck for this project and buying…I dunno…lunch? :P

The job was this: transcribe a speech (I was given the video file) and compose the narrative on paper, with correct punctuation. Sounds really easy, ja? It wasn’t difficult, but it did present interesting challenges in places, because we don’t speak exactly as we might write. Still, this little gig taught me a lesson or two, and I plan to file them away for next time. Thank you, Mr. Motivational Speaker Who Needed an Editor. The good news: he responded to my work, saying he liked it and that he would have more for me in the future. I’ll take it.

This would also be an appropriate time to shout to my online writing guru and inspiration, Ross B. It was his writing (and encouragement through emails and comments here years ago) that got me thinking seriously about the ridiculous notion that I might someday write for actual money. I did it, Professor! Miles to go, but the journey has begun.

The final shout-out, of course, is to YOU. Yeah, I’m talking to you. But you know how I feel about your bad self.

Happy Wednesday, fiends — and now I must jet. Back to the real world: making lunch and dinner, then hitting the shower, the road, the school house, and evening rehearsals.

3 thoughts on “Est-il possible?

  1. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks, gals! I’m excited, too, even though it was pretty small potatoes on this. But who knows? Maybe this guy will have more work for me soon.

    And Suz — we open on 22 March and run for the weekend. Excited!


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