Today’s Lesson

Let. It. Go.

Yesterday was rough. We had a district-wide staff meeting about budget cuts (and possibly — likely, actually — staff cuts). Hard to hear that people and programs might have to go. And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think about the fact that the arts are often the first thing to get the old heave-ho.

Then, on Facebook last night, a well-meaning parent posted a link to all of our salaries, and I noticed that a couple of the listings (including mine) on this non-district-affiliated website were wrong.

Say something? Let it go?

B. Definitely B.

It was an unpleasant meeting yesterday, for both administration and staff. People came away more confused and worried. And now we wait until the board of education makes its decisions. We’re looking at about a month-long wait, if not longer, which bothers me, because it’s the months of March and April when many jobs come open due to plans for retirement. Those tend to be the better jobs, and they’re scooped up right away. If I’m on the chopping block, I want to know as soon as possible.

It’s not a good time for us (and many school districts) right now.

But…I need to let it go. I am neither the first nor the last person to face the possibility of a reduction in force, and just like the millions of others before me, if it happens, I will deal with it. And there’s no sense in packin’ it in when there might not be a need for it.

So today, I let it go. I resolve to stay true to my¬†2013 motto, and while keeping a watchful eye on my future, I won’t add needless stress.

Cripes, I’m doing a show right now — I got that in spades. :-)

Thoughts for a Thursday…

6 thoughts on “Today’s Lesson

  1. Meg

    So let me get this straight. People complain because American high school students are graduating “uneducated”…right? Yet schools are essentially forced to reduce their staff/programs? Yep. Sounds like a great solution for nurturing an intelligent, well-rounded society.
    What would SC be without the arts? Or any school for that matter. I could definitely go on a rant about that. But I digress.

  2. BoomR

    …and of course, it’s all those high-dollar teachers’ salaries in your district & across the nation that are driving our economy down the tubes. How humiliating is it to have teacher salaries posted in the local newspaper??!! I mean, WTH is it anyone’s business what public servants make (or don’t make).

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks, guys. It was a sad day, with more to come, but like I said, I can’t dwell on it. If I do, I go insane. Can’t have any more of that!! These are hard times for the administration, too, I grant them that. I’d hate to be in their position as well. But come on, get on it and tell us already. It’s c and u punishment to say, “Your time might be coming, but you have to wait a month until we decide whether or not it’s you.” Terrible form!

    I know it shouldn’t be anyone’s business, Boom Boom, but I guess folks want to know where their tax dollars go. For my money, I’d be satisfied with knowing that “X” number of dollars went to teacher payroll — it doesn’t need to be frickin’ itemized!

  4. Greg

    There were at least 3 times in my career when the school went through this. Each time I sweated through the “deliberation period” wondering if I would be one of those hit. SC is (and has always been) “elective poor” for the size of the district. I realize the Board is looking at next year but most Boards fail to look 5 or 10 years down the road. Offering more “electives” in Math, History, Science and English is a sure-fire disaster that will effect the school system within a few years time especially with students who are not geared toward heavily academic subjects.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I agree with you, but unfortunately, ODE trumps all districts, and ODE is not concerned with kids who don’t excel in the core subjects. They are concerned ONLY with the core and the test results. They can wail and moan that that’s not the case all they want, but it’s the truth.


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