Yesterday, I took that personal day off school. Best day ever. So what could “fall out” from the best day ever? The next morning.

Have I mentioned that people have toddlers in their 20s and 30s for a reason? Or maybe it’s just that we need to get in shape. Actually we know that’s it. That’s why we went out last night and bought this dandy looking treadmill. I say dandy looking because I haven’t tried it yet. It’s still in a heap on the basement floor; after the Thriller and son Lars hauled it in and down the stairs (by the way, thank you Lars sweety), we lost one little black circle washer thingy, and until we find it or replace it, there’s no treadmilling for us. And do you THINK we could get our hands on the Thriller’s big honking rechargeable flashlight? Nowhere to be found. The thing’s as big as a pipe wrench and weighs five pounds — and we can’t find it. Using a little mini-mag and my cell phone light just wasn’t cutting it, and we decided to wait until daylight.

So we spend major green on this huge, fancy contraption, only to be reduced to standing there looking at it, which burns not a single calorie. I know — the purists are saying, “Just get out and run on the sidewalk!” Yeah well, thing is…

I will not walk outside when it’s dark (if you’ve ever broken your ankle, you know the reasons), and I won’t walk if it’s below 45 degrees or raining. That takes up a lot of Ohio days. Too easy to make excuses if you’re a slave to the weather up here. So we removed that excuse. It’s going to really help us both. Our schedules are polar opposites, at least during the school year, so we can both use the treadmill as much as we want and not worry about stepping on someone else’s time.

The thing has an MP3 player dock, and since it’s located downstairs in the Thriller’s office, I have TV so I can watch the early morning news. Cuts into the blog time, but I’ll just have to make up for it. I mean, I’d rather write than exercise, but you know…gotta keep this sassy old chassis moving somehow. I have the 4 & under crowd to keep up with at the park.

Time to go get ready for school. Now if I could just get up. Oi.

Creak Fink

10 thoughts on “Fallout

  1. BoomR

    Umm…HELLO???!!! Bluetooth headset microphone connected to your Netbook and text-to-speech app so you can dictate your daily blog post while struttin’ your stuff and sweattin’ to the oldies on your new treadmill!!!

    I’m not sayin’…. I’m just sayin’….

  2. Suzanne

    She-Who-Can’t-Stay-On-A-Bike is going to walk on a treadmill??? Have you ever used one of these??? I absolutely hate them……

    But HEY don’t want to put a damper on your treadmill parade, I hope you love it!!! :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author


      Running a treadmill is like choreography; riding a bike is like sitting on a doorknob. Nuff said. LOL

  3. Greg

    I have one of those treadmills here in my office. It’s very nice and I move it every single time I clean the floor! I used to walk on it during the winter months a couple of years ago. But it isn’t the same as walking the biking trail: 1)the scenery is boring and never changes, 2) there aren’t any nice-looking women passing in the other direction to speak with 3) at least on the plus side, on the treadmill, I don’t have to dodge piles of poo that irresponsible pet owners don’t bother to pick up. I’m thinking of making a video on the bike trail, put it on a DVD and play it while walking the treadmill.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’ve been enjoying the treadmill so far. Well, not enjoying it, but you know…I’ve been getting lots of use out of it. I much prefer it to walking outside, and like you, I don’t have to dodge anything (for me, it’s stuff to trip over or holes to step in).

  4. RD

    Well, don’t leave me in suspense — did you find the missing part? Are you up and walking/running?

    If the saddle on your bike feels like a door knob, you need a different saddle. They come is several different sizes and styles. Though it wouldn’t help you, there’s even a special saddle for men who have had prostate surgery! That just illustrates the variety, so I’m sure there’s something that would work for you. :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You know…I’ve tried different bike saddles (it’s been years ago), and for some reason, sitting on a bicycle seat of any kind just kills my sit bones! And I guess I’m not willing to ride out the initial soreness. That, and I think riding a bike in public shows off one’s derriere to all & sundry: something the general public would not want to see from me.

      Yep, he found the piece — it was in a different bag altogether, with non-washer items. Go figure…but he also found his flashlight — sitting on the lawn mower in the garage. ????

      So yes, I am up and walking and running, and in my shmancy new shoes, too! (Check FB)


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