It’s the piling up…

…that gets you.

Disturbing news about Cisco Systems cutting their workforce (BoomR, we are all pulling for you, luv), the economy, the stress funnel of the last six weeks of school, health issues, doctor bills, the price of gasoline…it’s enough to send a girl to the moon, lemmetellya.

But then there’s that delicious oasis called “the personal day.”

Tonight, the Js come over to spend the night and all day tomorrow with Grammie, while their daddy is on the road and their mama goes to a math geek conference in Indianapolis (have fun, doll — you deserve it!). The piling up will take place in my absence.

BFF Kay told me on the phone the other day that she thought the ceiling of my classroom just might remain intact if I am not there (we were talking about the eventual hip replacement surgery). I’m not sure I want to test that theory. But one thing’s for sure: the piles of stuff to do will stay intact; indeed, they will be fruitful and multiply in my absence and gather en masse to greet me when I return.

So I’d best get going. Happy Overwhelmsday to you — now git bizzy.


PS to PK — Saw the photos of your ribbon-cutting; congrats on the new place of bizzy-ness! <3


2 thoughts on “It’s the piling up…

  1. BoomR

    Thanks, luv! Needless to say I’m a bundle of nerves right now. And of course, it won’t be until middle-to-late May before they let us know who is gonna stay & who is gonna go. I just hope & PRAY that they opt to keep me when they’re asked to make tough choices.

    I wear a lot of hats for the Consumer Products training group, including sales trainer, technical trainer, and courseware developer for both sales and technical audiences (in fact, on that last point, I’m the ONLY one in the group who has that skill). Countless times my bosses tell me that I’m the guy that can “do it all – and excel at everything you do.” I would feel bad if ANY of my team-mates lost their jobs, but right now I gotta be selfish & just hope & pray that it’s not me come end of May.

    Cisco is committed to handling all this & treating everyone affected by this shut-down with dignity & respect. That’s quite rare in the run-of-the-mill business community. But to their credit, they are giving us 2 months “on the clock” to do nothing but try & find another job – either internally with other divisions of Cisco, or externally. After that, we’re told we get a 4 month severance package. When I lost my job as a school teacher, school districts do no such thing. Fortunately teachers work 9-10 months/yr, but that pay gets spread across 12 months.

    Keep a good thought for this old goat! xoxoxoxo

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Wow, good thoughts indeed, my dear friend. We just have to hang onto that one point: your bosses know you can do it all. A lateral move is always preferable to a new hire in your particular situation. To the company, it means better profit potential because of no loss in performance; you could do the job almost immediately, as opposed to getting someone completely new and paying for a long training period. They know you’d hit the ground running.

      Gonna be a long six weeks, but you’re right — this kind of severance freedom is unheard of. We all love you here, and we’re pulling for you. Chocolate must be sent!



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