Fantastic weekend

OK — was this the “funnest” or what? Is “funnest” a word? I hope so.

Mavis and I spent a couple of days with some very sweet people. The best in the world, actually. Don’t you love it when that happens? Indescribable…


Suffice it to say that Bobby and Kathy made our weekend, our month, our year, our decade…


11 thoughts on “Fantastic weekend

  1. BoomR

    Ain’t DAT da’bomb!!! I’m totally jazzed that you had such a great time this weekend & things worked out so wonderfully!!! We can discuss the details over chocolate malt cupcakes & rice crispy treats in a few weeks! (that includes you, too, Mavis!)


    1. Mavis

      BoomR – Cain’t wait ta git yer *skinny* hind-quarters up heer, you handsome thang!

      Berd – we have to try out those cupcakes!

      Yes, it was the most amazing weekend ever. I’m still reeling!!!

  2. kathy

    just remember we are cuter,thinner,and wiser than this pic reveals……we are magical….lol…… you`s


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