For the 18th time…

…it’s the first day of school for me. Only 12 more first days. Or not. There are days when I say, “I’ll still be at this when I’m 70,” and other days when I doubt I’ll even make it to 30 years before I call it quits.

It’s not the teaching that wears me out; I love directing choirs. Rather, it’s the shows and the NYC tours and the positively insane rehearsal schedules that keep me away from my family, my fiends, my Nook, and more than five hours of sleep per night. Yet…I’m not sure I could keep my present job and not do shows. There might be lynchings.

Anyway. I think I’d be in a chirpier mood had Rousseau not decided he absolutely had to go outside at 4:00 this morning. Does he choose the Thriller’s side of the bed to nuzzle with his cold, wet snout? NooOoOOoOOOOoooo

Hey, here’s something that will blow your mind, courtesy of my awesome fiend Harold (Suzanne’s handsome husband). Harold posted a link on his Facebook wall to some fantastic color photographs from Russia and the surrounding countryside. What’s so fantastic about that? you ask.¬†Answer: they were taken between 1909 and 1912. Unbelievable. Check it out.

Welp, off I go. Make the coffee, make the lunch, take the shower, drive the Finkmobile, start the school year. Allons! Hope your week got off to a great start.


6 thoughts on “For the 18th time…

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey I’ll always miss you in choir! The sopranos are stepping up — it was a nice sound today.


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