Scientific observations

OK, the first day of school is over with. Behold my findings:

  1. No matter who graduates, someone is always there to step up to the plate and continue the tradition. That is a good thing in choral music.
  2. Ninety-nine percent of the students on my Facebook friend list hated the first day of school. Puzzling, since the first day is always the easiest day.
  3. Smaller can mean better (70 in HS choir this year — 20 fewer than years past).
  4. The thought of Stoney and I getting together tomorrow to face the gargantuan task of devising a rehearsal schedule for the next three months is making me feel a bit sickly.
  5. We need a follow spot operator. Any ideas?
  6. For the first time in my career, I didn’t spend the entire week before school actually at school. Does this mean I have a life?

I wonder many things this day.

Yikes — 6 a.m. and me sitting here like I got nothing to do. Hey, it’s Welmsday — we’re halfway to the weekend. Hang in there, everybunny.


2 thoughts on “Scientific observations

  1. PKPudlin

    Sounds like it’s OVER-Whelmsday – the first day is at once the easiest and the hardest. Easy in terms of what needs to be done etc – the hardest in terms of getting back into the school routine, which is the same in some ways and different in others. But then I’m preaching to the choir, ain’t I?

    Wow – you can do Spem in Alium with 70 voices! I’ll even come up and help!

    Another uppity Renaissance woman…

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah, I should have clarified. “Easy” meaning “everything’s new and there’s not a lot of work.”

      I’d do “Come to Jesus” in whole notes if you’d come up to visit!!!


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