Feels like Monday

…and I am full of hates. Yes, hates — not “hate” or “hatred.” Right, you get the point. Moving on.


  1. I hate having a headache in the morning; don’t you? What a lousy thing.
  2. I hate motorcycles with big fat ol’ loud crackly engines, whose drivers wait until they’re right in front of your house to open up the throttle and take off, bat-outta-Hades. It makes me mad. I want to chase them down and give them a piece of my mind. I just can’t spare one at the moment. *SigH*
  3. What is the opposite of empathy? Initially, I’d say apathy. Antipathy, even. But bottom line, what we’ve got here is a failure to walk in another’s shoes or imagine what it would be like to be in somebody else’s situation:  egocentrism. I hate that. If I ever come across [because acrost is NOT A WORD] that way to you, flog me for it.
  4. I hate it that, while watching the news during dinner last night, I saw two glaring spelling/usage errors; one in a commercial and the other in a weather forecast. Does no one care to proofread anymore? Are editors extinct? Don’t nobody give a rat nowaday? But just to prove I ain’t no grammar diva who thinks she’s perfect…
  5. I hate it that I’ve gone along all these decades thinking that the word “err” is pronounced “air.” (It actually rhymes with the word “fur.” To err is human, I suppose, but it brings up interesting prospects for the word “error.” Ur-ur?)
  6. I hate hospitals and stupid expensive tests.
  7. I hate it that my key/phone/receipt/shopping list/money/Chapstick/whatever is always, always, always in the other pocket.
  8. I hate that the summer has gone so fast (apologies to my nine-to-five fiends — I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me!).

But hey, why all the negative energy today? Let’s have us some good news as well.

Check out the dessert I had at the International Buffet inside Greektown Casino. A luscious, sugar-encrusted devil’s food mini-cupcake, filled with sweetened cream cheese and a cherry, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings:

Black Forest decadence. They were small, so I had to have two.


Then, when we got home, we couldn’t believe our eyes. My brother-in-law Ray had culled every single weed from every garden in my yard, front and back. Im ready for my fall bulb planting now. Is he great or what!?

So yeah. In spite of items 1-8, life is dandy indeed — even if it does feel like Monday.


10 thoughts on “Feels like Monday

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Indeed you do, Mathew. Leave the ear-splitting chopper noise to those much younger and much older than you, who feel the need to spray everything around them with testosterone, just in case somebody might think they not a mannish manly man.

  1. BoomR

    BoomR quickly hides his non-aerosol testosterone spray and puts the motorcycle cover back on the Vulcan 1500 so RF won’t come any more unglued :-)

  2. PKPudlin

    With apologies to the Grammar Maven, I believe the pronunciation of ‘err’ is a to-MAY-to/to-MAH-to sort of thing. You see what I’m getting at? :: runs away and dodges the baseball bat::

    1. Meg

      Hey, Lady! I will – thank you! We (Mom, Dad, and I) are in Vancouver, Canada right now. The day was VERY long. Almost 9 hours of traveling time. We will get on board the cruise ship tomorrow around noon (3 o’clock Ohio time). It will be a great time! We return late August 10th. I think that’s a Monday? And then Mom and I will have 2 weeks to get back into the groove and get ready to return to that “s-word”…take care, Fink. :)

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        What a delight! Have a super time. Lars & Helen did that cruise (they left from Seattle, though) for their honeymoon and enjoyed it very much. Tell your folks I said hello, and you all have the time of your lives! Kiss a whale for me.


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