Finkday at last

Even better when it’s Pay the Fink Day. :-)

Yesterday’s furniture stripping foray seems to have been a success. The stuff the Thriller had stored in his tool lair in the basement did the magic.

Out with the old

Out with the old

Ready for the new

Ready for the new

Yesterday, he took care of preparing the coffee table (yes, we have two pieces of furniture injured by our combined fumble-fingered use of nail polish remover), so we’ll spritz then scrrrrape that before leaving for points north today. I have a meeting in Cuyahoga Falls at noon, followed by our Costco run.

Happy happy happy 10th anniversary to Seamus and Hannah! And thank you for giving us the Js. 

OK fiends, don’t even think about not enjoying this day. The weekend is almost here!

Furniture Fink out.

4 thoughts on “Finkday at last

  1. Mavis

    Great job on the sideboard! I’m sure the coffee table will look just as grand when you’re finished.

    Enjoy the meeting and Costco run! So happy for Seamus/Hannah, too!!

  2. BoomR

    Didja get anything fab at Costco? I went the other day to get some little odds & ends, and it dawned on me: If you play your cards right & go on the right days, you could eat an entire meal just by cruising all the little tasting stations!! LOL :-)

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Me too! Haha. Cruise the aisles and have lunch!

        Our favorite Costco items to date are the line-caught Coho salmon, and the organic chicken! Bummer though…the Strongsville store doesn’t have your brand of Italian sausage. :-(


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