Finkday fun

And it’s finally here.

I’m getting ready for school to start, so I will be brief today (the boss reads the blog, ya know).

  1. Auditions for our fall musical were held last night. It’s going to be a great cast, fun show. Yay for talented kids from Hooterville.
  2. Tonight is movie night with my fantastic fiend Marcia. We’re watching It’s Complicated. I will love watching it a second time.
  3. I am done with all my high school classes for the year. It was a good ride.
  4. Something just made a scratching noise behind my printer desk. Oh dear.
  5. Two more gigs. Two.
  6. One last weekend of craziness, then I’m full time Grammie.

What’s your “Yay” list for today?


7 thoughts on “Finkday fun

  1. Suzanne

    50-minute bikeride YAY
    chocolate muffins YAY
    sun is shining YAY
    I have my favorite route next week for 4 days in a row BIG YAY
    making plans to go to Paris to see the last etappe of Le Tour de France BIG OLE FAT YAY
    Got vacation money in our paychecks BIG RELIEF YAY
    that will do for now…..

    fulltime grammie YAY for you!!!

  2. Kodye

    Why do you have a Yay list on a day where I have nothing to Yay? I’m going to work, getting over half my check taken away to pay for bills, then coming back to Hooterville (a place where the biggest event of the year involves tractors pulling weight, and cars slamming into each other at slow speeds)… *sigh*
    I need to move. To NYC. Soon.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ack, sorry Kode. I’m with you on the “half the paycheck” thing. You need some R & R. Like, watching one of the Back to the Future movies.

  3. Will

    1) Getting to relax with a little bit of homework. Yay!
    2) Watching some more season 1 of Mad Men. Yay!
    3) Being able to chill with some of my favorite people. Yay!
    4) AC. Sweet, blessed AC.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Don’t I know it on #4! I’ve recently got two more friends turned on to MM — and I need to watch Season 3 this summer. Get caught back up. Glad you’re able to relax a little, Will!


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