So what does it mean when you wake up at 3:30 with your head feeling like it’s been crashed against a rock, and your stomach doing the high jump? Is it the rockin’ pneumonia? The boogie woogie flu? I just hope it’s not the ruin-your-weekend-with-Justin-and-Jake sickness.

Maybe it’s One School Gig Left Syndrome. Whatever it is, it’s nasty. I’m banking on it being the result of something I et last night, although I’m not sure what kind of damage a grilled cheezer, some fruit and a bowl of popcorn can do.

We’ll wait it out; decide this afternoon. As long as I don’t barf at graduation, I’m good. Fortunately, the choir stands close to an exit. Mavis, what’s that stuff you take for nausea? Phlegmogram? Pheromone?

Back to the hot tea.


3 thoughts on “Sunkday

  1. Mavis

    Aw, poor Fink! If I’m really nauseous, I take a Dramamine. Makes you sleepy, but usually helps. Try just a half of one to start. If it’s a flu, it won’t work. Eating peppermints can sometimes help, too. I’m so sorry you’re sick!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks, Mavis! I am going to try that combo. Already got the pill splitter out. LOL I’m such a lightweight…can’t hold my drugs.

      I’ll chew my peppermint gum before the gig as well.


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