Finkmobile Fotos

OK, at long last. The new ride.

I love how it drives and how it looks. Seamus told me, “You will have people asking you what kind of car it is” (because of its “de-badged” condition — there are no Chevy bowtie emblems anywhere on it). I thought, “Yeah, maybe.” Well I definitely had people asking me about it. “Is it a mini-SUV?” “What kind of car is that?”

Me likey. And the best part is — room for more than one other person. Yay! My turn to drive.

Behold, the Finkmobile (aka 2008 Chevrolet Aveo 5):


Looks like it's smiling. The black grille is an add-on.

5th door

Siriusly boss.

Love it. Fun to have new stuff, eh?

13 thoughts on “Finkmobile Fotos

  1. BoomR

    That ROCKS! I’ve always thought those were cute/sexy looking cars. Now all you need is a kickin’ subwoofer to take up the rear storage compartment & a drop-down LCD TV and DVD player from the hatchback & you are ready to PAR-TAAAAAYYEEEE!!!

  2. Mavis

    I rode in it today and it’s wonderful!! Very smooth. It’s surprising how roomy it is inside. Jake and I loved the driver, too. :0) Thanks for a great day, Finkster!

  3. mathman

    nice Jax I have always wondered where they keep the rubber band that makes thos things go LOL Sorry I could not resist looks nice I just got a net car too it is a black Hyunduai Santa Fe talk to you later

  4. RD

    Congrats on the new chariot. I’m really thrilled for you. It looks wonderful, and I hope it serves you well. As a taxpayer you have part ownership in 60% of G.M. Did the old Ranger bite the dust? What do you think I should do with my old 97 Sable?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You mean the Sable that has the air conditioning you never use??

      Do with it what we’re doing with the Mercedes: put it on Craigslist and hope someone comes to take it away. Unless you want to buy it. $750. Such a deal.

      The MFR is still alive and kicking and in fine shape. The Thriller owns it now! It’s all shined up and full of “his” stuff. I will actually miss driving it; it’s been my daily car since forever–in January, it’ll be 10 years.


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